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Motorola Razr-M

posted May 17, 2013, 7:45 AM by Rick Dziekan
I have been using the Motorola Razr M for 6 months as I sit here in May 2013. 

I switched from a Motorola Bionic. 

The Razr-M's primary thing going for it is its size. Its small and thin, where the Bionic was larger (had a larger screen too though)

The Razr-M's battery life is nothing special. It lasts through a whole day in use IF it is fully charged overnight. If I forget to charge it, it pretty much becomes a corded phone. As the Razr-M does not have replaceable batteries, I cannot just carry a spare. A somewhat reasonable workaround is to use the New Trent external battery as an extender, but that's probably less than ideal. 

Otherwise, everything else is pretty much standard Android jellybean. Not much else to report.