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New Trent IMP52D

posted May 14, 2013, 10:39 AM by Rick Dziekan
This is a very nice unit. It is easily pocketable and will be rather convenient to have on hand in my carry case or just in my pocket. I found it to be easy to use. The unit came with some charge, but I fully charged it before testing. I charged it initially in a rather slowish charger and have since tried a couple of others. It charges in about the time I'd expect depending on the charger itself. 

When fully charged, it had enough juice to charge my Motorola Razr-M fully in about 2 hours, with a bit remaining in reserve. If I carry the IMP52D, I have more than doubled the effective life of my phone. The little bit extra would serve as a nice reserve if I completely drained the phone's battery twice; I expect I'd have another 25% in reserve. 

The laser pointer and the LED flashlight are also unique features. I have not yet had a real reason to extensively try them out, but I assume they are fairly low power draws, and if this IMP52D is going to be in my carry case anyway, these might have use someday. 

It appears in brief tests to charge my other Motorola smartphones similarly. I have not yet tried to charge my Samsung Note 10.1 Tablets. The chargers I use for them are more or less fixed in place. I'd love to have a portable solution for them, but I am reluctant to steal the charge cables I already have in order to dedicate one to a portable charger. If a Samsung tablet charge adapter was included in the box, as the instructions seemed to indicate, that would have been super. My Motorola Xoom and my other two tablets use a proprietary charger and I have no charger cables for them with USB on the other end. As an optional accessory, additional adaptors would be awesome. I don't think the standard product needs to include every possible adaptor though, because of the cost adder. If adapters were available from Trent, then a single coupon in each pack would probably be a nice thing to discover. 

I love the size, and that the charge contains enough for a full phone charge plus a bit more. In an ideal world I'd like to be able to charge the phone twice fully, but I realize that's a different product with additional cost, weight, and size

I would like if the IMP52D had an integrated wall plug AND an integrated micro-USB cable so that I could take the IMP52D and my phone on the road and be completely independent of extraneous cables. 

If Trent is thinking of additional features akin to the laser pointer and flashlight on the IMP52D, I personally would like to see that space within the product used for an external speaker and/or retractable earbuds.

I'd also like to see some sort of audible alert if the IMP52D is getting low or maybe hasn't been charged in a while. If it's not used every day, it may get low, and I fear that when I need it it will be low on juice.  Will take further in-use testing to see if this is a real issue or just a false concern.

Finally, a quirk with certain phones vs the IMP52D. The IMP52D works great with phones which have their micro-USB ports on the top (or bottom). On the Motorola Razr and similar phones, the micro-USB port is on the side. Thus, when putting it into a pocket, the is a protuberance from the top/bottom of the IMP52D AND from the side of the RAZR. I'd love to have a version of the IMP52D with side USB ports so that it lines up better with the phone when attached and the whole setup is a bit more compact. 

Clearly, I haven't had enough time to evaluate the product's quality over a long sequence of 100's charging/uncharging cycles, nor how well the battery retains power when disconnected for long periods.

All in all, the IMP52D is a nice little product that will go into my carry case immediately.