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Fix NCAA Football Playoffs

posted May 14, 2013, 10:31 AM by Rick Dziekan
It seems to me that one of the issues in getting a REAL playoff, as opposed to the BCS or even this new 4-team format coming soon is that a number of teams can often mae the argument that they were deserving to participate but could not. 

One solution would be to have some inter-conference tournaments. Lets assume for simplicity that with conference realignment we get down to 4 (or 6) sixteen team conferences.

On week one the conferences are paired up for a one game tournament pitting all of the conferences teams vs one another based on ranking. So team #1 from Big10 plays team#1 from BigEast, all the way down to the #16 teams. And each conference has a partner. 

This is done again, with different conference matchups at about the middle of the season. 

In this way, there is a guarantee that all of the top teams have played not only their own conference schedules but also had fair matchups against equivalent levels of talent. These would be exciting days in college football and would later give the playoff selection committee sufficient data to make a very educated, objective choice of the teams selected for participation in the end-of season playoffs.